Sydney is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas and a member of the Tri-Delta sorority. From Plano, Texas and a graduate of the Shelton School in Dallas, Sydney loves spending time with her family and friends and watching Netflix.

On November 17th, Sydney was diagnosed with Leukemia (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), requiring aggressive treatment and a marrow transplant for her to be cured. She has already had one series of chemo treatments that lasted 10 days.

She just found out that her only sister is not a marrow match and no other family member is likely to be either. The doctors are now having to find someone willing to help her, a stranger. So while they look, she will start another series of chemo treatments. This time 8 days with rest afterwards. She's running a marathon with no training to prepare.

This event is to help find a live-saving match for Sydney and the over 14,000 other patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and other life-threatening diseases like sickle cell. Their only hope for a cure is a marrow transplant. YOU could be the CURE.


  • Eligible donors must be 18-44 years of age and in general good health.
  • Be willing and committed to donate to any patient that you might match.
  • Registration involves completing a consent form and a simple cheek swab test.