When Dewey and Lynne Wilson agreed to meet with some friends in 2002, they were simply hoping to help them salvage their marriage of almost 20 years. They had no idea what God was about to do in their own life. The Wilsons witnessed God save their friends’ marriage, but maybe just as important, their own marriage was enriched beyond imagining. All through a process called mentoring. 

The marriages and families of literally thousands of couples across America and Canada have been touched in a positive way through the marriage mentoring process that God orchestrated and Dewey and Lynne perfected over the years with the help of volunteers. Today, Strong Marriages is much more than mentoring. Just in the last few years, Dewey and Lynne have created many new resources and unprecedented processes for helping couples prepare for marriage, along with helping married couples learn to make their good marriages better. All of this is for one purpose only, "To see God glorified by helping individuals experience God's design for marriage." Sounds simple, right? Maybe in a perfect world, but today we seem to keep finding ways to tear down marriages in our culture.

Join us to celebrate our ten years of ministry and see how you can help us make a positive difference by building Godly, strong marriages through biblical principles and meaningful relationships.