Good media relations are essential for ministries. Knowing how to work well with journalists can maximize the good you are doing and minimize the potential damage, should you find yourself dealing with a negative situation and an adversarial TV news crew.

You have an opportunity to learn from the experts at a special, free one-day Media Relations Training event on Thursday, January 25, 2018. This hands-on seminar will include:

  • Understanding the Rules of Communication
  • Learning to Communicate in an ‘Infotainment’ World
  • Characteristics of a Master Communicator
  • What the Media Expects from the Interview
  • 10 Criteria for Effective Performance
  • Using Body Language in Front of a Camera
  • Vocal Technique for the Microphone
  • Presentation Errors
  • How to Reduce Nervousness
  • On-Camera Interview Practice

Leading the sessions will be Palmer Holt, president of InChrist Communications, and Lynn Scarborough, a TV news consultant and coach.

Palmer Holt is an award-winning communications professional with more than 25 years’ experience in journalism, corporate and agency public relations, marketing and advertising. He is a former newspaper editor, “Fortune 100” company media relations executive and spokesperson, advertising agency executive and business owner.

Lynn Wilford Scarborough provides customized television coaching, media training and seminars for corporate and Christian ministry clients across the U.S., imparting insider secrets and techniques used by professional broadcasters and master communicators. She has worked with over 200 television news organizations, including CBS, ABC, CNN, and Fox, and coached such well-known on-air personalities as Deborah Norville, Paula Zahn, Judge Catherine Crier, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Hannah Storm, Tony Dorsett, and Isaiah Thomas.