Lunch and Learn with CSNTM: “The Greek Text and Modern Versions of the New Testament”

While many love and appreciate the New Testament, few know how we have history's most important document, first penned 2,000 years ago. In this series of "Lunch and Learn" events, we explore the amazing history of the New Testament from its origin in the first century, its proliferation through the generations, and its publication today.

The series will explore these topics:

  • "How did we get the New Testament?"
  • The Autographs: the Letters and Writings that Started It All
  • Copies of the New Testament: The Artifacts that Carried the Word to Future Generations
  • Copyists of the New Testament: Scribes and their Faithful Efforts
  • Table of Contents: Books Included in the New Testament
  • The Art and Science of Textual Criticism
  • The Greek Text and Modern Versions of the New Testament

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