Let's talk about how to balance stewardship and proper planning to meet your fundraising goals.

Many ministries believe there is a contradiction between fundraising and their faith-focused mission. It can seem awkward cultivating donors and making monetary asks. However, when we integrate faith into fundraising, we are giving our donors the opportunity to participate in something far greater and more meaningful than traditional giving.

People provide generous support to an organization when its mission aligns with their own personal values. In this interactive workshop, the Mission Advancement team will share insights on how to balance a scriptural view of stewardship with the proper planning necessary to reach your development goals. This includes major gift fundraising, which requires deep and meaningful relationships with your high-capacity donors. We will discuss examples of other ministries that have connected their mission, their faith focus, and their fundraising to impact even more lives.

Our team of development experts looks forward to engaging with you over this two-hour session to share the best of our experience from advising ministries across the country.