Are you tired of feeling weighed down by legalism and the pressure to constantly measure up to a certain standard? Are you ready to discover your true identity in Christ and understand the depth of your righteousness? Then "Awaken to Your Righteousness" is for you!

Featuring dynamic teaching from Andrew Farley, Tim Chalas, and John Lynch, this event is designed to help you understand the reality of your new birth in Christ and the true extent of your righteousness. You'll learn how your new identity in Christ affects the way you view yourself, other believers, and God and how to live in the freedom that comes from fully embracing your true identity.

Don't miss this opportunity to be refreshed and encouraged as you learn from some of the best Christian teachers out there. Join us May 5-7 at the Hope Center and experience the healing and hope that comes from truly understanding your new identity in Christ. Register today and awaken to your righteousness!