The Hope Center Green Business Policy


The Hope Center strives to make our facility environmentally friendly by utilizing “green” business practices through collaboration with our community, participation alongside our tenants, and conservation of our resources.


We believe that the Earth, created by God, was given to mankind to “work” and “keep” (Genesis 2:15). Just as the gospel transforms broken hearts, we believe it is our Christian calling to steward, cultivate, and protect our resources, marred by sin, in order to restore life and renew our world.


As we pursue our Green Business Certification with the city of Plano, The Hope Center contributes to the betterment and sustainability of our community.


Collaboration with the Community
  • Chemical-Free Janitorial Cleaning Products

  • Post-Consumer Recycled Office Supplies

  • Environmentally-Friendly Pest Control Products

  • Compostable or Recyclable Cafe packaging

  • Participation Alongside our Tenants
  • Conveniently-Placed Recycling Receptacles for Tenant Suites and Common Areas

  • Toner and Electronic Recycling

  • Green Practice Awareness Through Events and Communications

  • Conservation of Resources
  • Recycling Initiatives

  • Water Conservation Programs

  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation